Surely by now almost everyone has heard of virtual reality and most hope to try it out one day for themselves. However, virtual reality isn’t the only way we can change how we see the world around us. This other, less known, technology is known as augmented reality.

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Can you tell which one of the images above is which? Probably not and that’s not surprising either. The one to the left with the man wearing the hood is virtual reality and the one to the right is augmented reality. The main difference between these two is found in what the images are placed on. In virtual reality, the entire experience is interacting with a virtual setting with a few handheld devices hence its name. Augmented reality actually superimposes a picture or animation onto the real world as we see it with fewer accessories than virtual reality. This may seem a little confusing but its not actually that complicated, there is a famous example of augmented reality that gained popularity last summer.

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Maybe you’ve even played this before but never knew you had experienced augmented reality. But wait there is an even more well known example, can you guess what it is?

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That’s right, Snapchat is also a form of augmented technology. This technology continues to advance and it has already enabled people to do so much. Nowadays people can place furniture and art in their homes with augmented reality, it is doubtful that people will stop using and developing this technology so keep an eye out because it seems to only get more popular and accessible.