By Cory Krimin

In order to fish like a professional, there are a few fundamental things you need to know about fishing.

First, you need specific materials. You need a rod, a reel, bait, hooks, and a pond or lake to fish at (obviously). You may even want to bring a fishing buddy!

Unlike other sports, fishing is a time consuming activity, so you need to have patience. It will take time to catch a fish, especially depending on the weather conditions. The perfect weather for fishing ranges from 60 – 80 degrees, because that’s when the fish will really want to bite.

Bait is what attracts the fish to the hook, so it’s important you have good bait. Hot dogs and worms are perfect. The worms have a good amount of movement in the water that attracts the fish, while the hot dogs are good because of the smell that comes off of them. Artificial bait is also acceptable, but they don’t provide the same consistency when catching the fish.

Also, there are many types of fish to be aware of. In ponds, you are likely to catch small pan fish: blue gill, sunfish, and yellow perch. However, you might get really lucky and catch a bass in the pond. Bass is another  fish and they’re considered as tournament fish because all over the word, there are tournaments held for catching these specific fish. Bass also can be insanely huge, which is why catching a bass is so impressive. The last type of fish you might see in a pond are called catfish. They’re slimy, but watch out for their fins because they’re insanely sharp!

To conclude, here are all of the fundamental needs for fishing.