By Daniela Rivera

What’s the name of the club?

  • The name of the club is Ladies of Royalty.

When does the club meet?

  • On Mondays. Every other Monday, we go to Columbus school and the remaining Mondays are used for planning activities.

Where does the club meet?

  • The club meets at Mrs. Pitts Office.

Who runs the club?

  • Mrs. Pitts runs Ladies of Royalty.

What’s the purpose of the club?

  • We go around and talk to young girls. more specifically about increasing their self esteem and helping them ]solve internal and external problems. We also help out with community service.

What are some fun things that the club does?

  • We play games with the other girls. Some games include human nod, telephone, and zip zap zah.

What are some upcoming events for the club?

  • Upcoming events are still to be announced.