By Dina

As well all know, Carteret High School’s Drama Club is performing High School Musical this year! This year, the high school has new equipment to flaunt on stage, a brand new floor in the auditorium, and tons of new recruits with the staff and members of the drama club. I finally got the chance to interview one of the members in the show, Amy Casale.

How is the upcoming musical coming along?

“It’s great so far! Everyone is working really hard to put together a great production.”

What would you say is the part of the show?

“I can’t give a secret like that away! It would ruin the show for the guests! However, I think the audience will really enjoy the group numbers because of the organized chaos. The audience will definitely want to join in.”

Why do you think people should attend the performance?

“People should come because it’s an accurate adaptation of a fan-favorite movie. Everyone at some point or another has watched High School Musical, so young or old, people should come check it out.”