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For most people, parkour doesn’t come to mind when they think about sports; it’s usually football, soccer or baseball. In the UK, however, parkour was officially recognized as a sport by a country for the first time this month and, as a result, it is eligible for governmental funding.

It’s amazing how far this activity has come from its humble origins in France. Parkour, or freerunning, was started in the 1980’s by a French actor, David Belle. Parkour’s versatility allows anyone who wants to learn to have an opportunity and it is known to be great for creating bonds and encouraging  a positive environment.

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It all really began when Belle’s brother sent pictures and video of the sport to French tv production companies in the 1990’s, this resulted in parkour gaining popularity. Eventually, Belle incorporated parkour into his movies which has proven successful by his various roles in French films and promotions. Later, Belle and a few other men came together and formed a group called Yamakasi which was dedicated to parkour.

The group began to identify people who practice it as a traceurs and the term has stuck ever since. From the moment Belle introduced it to the world, it has just kept getting more and more popular, various course and competitions have taken place and the sport has also been incorporated in well known and appraised video games such as Mirrors Edge, Assassins Creed, and Prince of Persia. Parkour is definitely here to stay.