Some people doubt the need of exercise and how it can be of any use. There is actually a lot that exercise can be beneficial to. From, here are a few areas that exercise can be useful in.

It is not just the heart or the body that feels the effects of exercise, it is the brain as well. The most obvious effect of exercising is weight loss. That one makes sense as a person can lose calories and burns fat from the body. Doing exercise can prevent disease as well. Regular activity, especially that of one hour doing short bursts of work can be very helpful. The heart muscle itself gets strengthened and blood pressure ultimately gets lowered.

Doing exercise can improve blood lipids, which correlates with cholesterol. People even have a 20% less risk of stroke through research if they do daily physical activity. People who stretch and strengthen their muscles can become more flexible as well. This can prove to be helpful as it can manage back pain. In the end, a strong posture and abdomen is created.

In conclusion, exercise overall is helpful in many ways. It only can benefit a person and not intentionally harm them. Exercise makes a better life style as long as it is consistent and is done before or after a healthy meal.