Trends come and go all year around, either in the electronic world, fashion world or the beauty world. One of the famous brands that took the beauty world by a wave was Kylie Jenner’s. Recently, she opened a pop up shop in Topanga Westfield Mall in Los Angeles earlier last month. The shop was crazed about and a plethora of people lined up to get their hands on Kylie Jenner’s merchandise. Her holiday collection was for sure a trendy gift of the holiday season. The entire holiday collection costs $325! In the kit there is five lip ornaments which consist of two lip kits and three glosses/metals. The lip kits are $30 each and the glosses range from $15-$18 each. Following that, there is a full-size lip collection which includes two matte liquid lipsticks and two glosses, costing $45 in total.  Additionally, there is a mini liquid lipstick set, it has six of them in total which can be purchased for $36. Besides lip products there is eye makeup too. Kylie Jenner launched a holiday Kyshadow Palette, portraying nine different shades. Alongside, there is three creme shadows. The palette is sold for $42 and the creme shadows$20 each.  To top it off, there is a snow (white) Kyliner for $18. Kylie Jenner made her mark during the holiday season, her next launch is already being expected. Which product would you like to try?