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As the years pass, there are always New Year’s resolutions that come up. Everyone has a new goal they want to accomplish during the new year that’s coming up, 2017. As referenced from and, here are the most popular New Year’s resolutions.

This one may be a bit obvious, but many people still strive for it. It is to lose weight or exercise more. Since everyone gets busy, it is hard during the year to stay in shape or to at least keep their physique. As stated from, “…but just need some exercise to stay in shape.” It is a common fact, though, that not many people do get through this resolution as often.

Next, is to stop a bad habit. Often, many people are addicted to doing something that is a health risk or just isn’t a good routine to keep. This is why during the New Year, they push to get their act together and change their lifestyle. Other resolutions can include improving finances as well. There are kids and adults who want to save money because more money that is saved, the better. Finally, people want to get more organized and spend more time with family. There is always hectic days with no relaxation and only work. It can cause things to be left as a clutter and there would be no time for loved ones. This is why people strive for the new year to be different.

Make 2017 a great year! Resolutions are great goals to keep and complete during the new year. What’s your resolution?