Anabelle Cryan is a vivacious 11th grader here at CHS, and I had the privilege of interviewing her. Our interview was inside of the cafeteria after school on a Thursday. I’d never stayed after school for The Boys and Girls Club, but Anabelle assured me that I had no reason to be apprehensive.

Annabelle is an active members in several programs in school including Ladies of Royalty, Pathways, Drama Club, and TAB.

Her favorite teachers are Mr. Jannicelli, because of his love for foods, Ms. Pitts, her mentor, and Ms. Crowhurst, because she’s always very helpful.

When asked what her strongest qualities consisted of, she explained to me that since she’s moved around several times in her life, she has an extremely easy time adapting to new people and places.

If you’re wondering what kind of people inspire someone as sparkling as Annabelle, today is your lucky day! She listed her mother, Beyoncé, Helen Keller, and Goobey as the main sources of her inspo’.

Some of Annabelle’s favorite hobbies include procrastinating, watching movies, taking naps, playing with her cat, eating, baking/cooking, and blogging on Tumblr.

In her future, she hopes to graduate with a good GPA, attend her dream culinary school (The Culinary Institute of America), and get a flat with Goobey.

Fun Fact: Annabelle is known for her world-renowned party tricks which include, but are not limited to, touching her nose with her tongue and arm bending. Be sure to ask her about them when you see her in the hall!

Another Fun Fact: Our superstar Pathways Performer is not ticklish!

To conclude our interview, Annabelle told me a quote that she lives by: