Recently, the New York Knicks have been having close scoring games with the opposing teams. On Thursday, January 19th, at 8 p.m., they had their game against the Washington Wizards. With statistics referenced from, the events of the game are recapped.

The game took place at the Knicks’ home, in Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, New York. This was one of the games that took place for the Eastern conference. The final score was 110, from the Knicks to 113, from the Wizards.

In the game, a little controversy had occurred. Even though everyone knew that John Wall made the steal to win the game and made essential points, some players from the Knicks thought otherwise. Instead of the typical five people on the court, apparently,as stated from Carmelo Anthony, from the New York Knicks there were “six players.” Courtney Lee, who is also on the Knicks,was going to make a tying three-point shot, but apparently a Washington assistant coach was too close on the court. He prevented Lee from taking the shot, which led to Lee passing it to Jennings and ultimately getting it stolen by Wall.

Wall, though, did manage to make final points in the last 32 seconds to win the game. Overall, Lee thought that someone standing near him was a defender and thought if he did make the shot, it would get blocked, which is why he passed the ball in confusion. Anthony had finished the game with 34 points and passed the ball to Lee. The game in the end had all the players assisting, such as Derrick Rose and Kristaps Porzingis. In the end, the game was a crushing defeat, with a little controversy, with a fair win overall.