Have you ever been interested in the club, Ladies of Royalty? Well, here’s the basic information to know about this amazing club. There’s many aspects that make this club great overall as well.

Ladies of Royalty is a club focusing on mentoring young girls to make right choices for who’s at risk. The point is not only to help them, but to bring them out of their comfort zones and get to know them as well.

Girls from the high school used to go to the middle school to mentor girls. Now, they have started going to Columbus School for elementary school girls that need any assistance. Good choices at an early age influence and stay with a person throughout their lifetime.

The club does many fun events besides mentoring. The students apart of the club volunteer overall. They do an Easter egg hunt for the borough, a disabilities lunch-in, a Thanksgiving lunch-in, and presentations for the school.

Some upcoming events include the Princeton University Trip, which is an exciting opportunity, as well as the first week of mentoring coming up. Ladies of Royalty can also have male members, it is not just limited to females, so anyone interested can join.

Meetings are typically held a week before mentoring. This usually falls on a Friday. The mentoring itself takes place Monday, all after school. The club meets in room 26, across from Pathways. The club is run by Students Assistance Coordinator, Ms. Pitts. Have any questions or interest in the club, come to a meeting and see for yourself the great deeds this club gets done!