The New Years is here and many people hope to have many accomplishments in 2017! After all many people think “New Year, New Me”. If you wonder what most people have as a New Year’s resolution, you came to the right place!
1. Losing Weight or Eating Healthy
At the start of the New Year the most common New Year’s resolution most people strive for is being at a health weight. They want to lose weight by changing their diet and eating more healthy.

2. Improve life or Yourself
Speaking of change, while some people want to lose weight others want to improve their life. While this doesn’t just include losing weight, it can range from having more free time or keeping track of time to socializing more often.


3. Make Better Financial decisions
The third most popular New Year’s resolution is having better financial choices. People can accomplish this goal simply with a budget or weighing the pros and cons of that decision.

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