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Disney is a company I remember being a huge part of my childhood which I can guess most of us do as well and even now I can’t help but anticipate the release of their upcoming movies. Whether it’s a sequel to a beloved childhood film or a brand new saga, Disney brings animations that pull at our hearts and make us think about the small things in life. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is something for everyone in each movie. Here’s a list of five upcoming movies I can’t wait to see on the big screen.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (release date May 5th 2017)

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The first movie was action packed, hilarious, and intriguing. It drew millions into its unique story and the sequel is expected to be even better.

2.Cars 3 (release date June 16th 2017)

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If you felt that the second Cars movie took the focus away from Lightening McQueen well don’t worry the directors understand. The plot is about our favorite car (at least mine) will realize he isn’t a rookie anymore, he has gotten older just like the his idols.

3.Dead Men Tell No Tales (release date May 26th 2017)

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Another installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean is planned to release in 207. Come on another adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow and see what trouble he stirs up next.

4.Thor: Ragnarok (release date November 3rd 2017)

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Miss the Norse hero Thor, well no worries he’s going to star in another movie. Its pretty interesting how Disney took this legend and made him someone we could relate to while still retaining his personality and abilities.

5.Coco (release date November 22nd 2017)

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Ever heard of the Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) well Disney has a movie revolving around this Latin holiday. I hear its about a mystery that leads a young boy to a wonderful family reunion.