Have you been behind on going to the theater and enjoying a great film that everyone was talking about? Well, here there will be a reflection on the popular movies from 2016 according to sources such as movieinsider.com

          You may enjoy superhero movies. Have you heard of Marvel’s Doctor Strange? Get a mix of action and thrill through this movie. Are you a Disney fan? Check out the new movie that released! Moana is the new Disney “it” girl with family fun,so check it out today! If you want to know another movie people are going crazy for it would definitely be Trolls. Trolls is a fun loving kid’s film with well known people as voice actors.

               The list can keep continuing with films like Collateral Beauty, Jack Reacher, Fantastic Beasts, and more! The point is, want entertainment of different genres? Go to a local theater and watch a movie today!