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If you’re like the other millions of people wary about what the future will hold, hang on and see what people have done. See their success as a prediction for the future. Let our message be, “We won’t back down, we are done with excuses and we deserve progress.” For so long the people of America have let politicians and companies get away with so much but no longer will that stand true if we don’t want it to. The situation I wanted to write about is the Dakota Access Pipeline, it was intended to cross the Missouri River to transport oil from North Dakota to South Dakota at the risk of polluting another water supply like in Flint, Michigan.

The company pushing for the completion of this pipeline is Energy Transfer and they continued their construction even after the government had told them to cease doing so. From the start, members of the Great Sioux Nation were protesting the pipeline, they didn’t want it to even risk an oil spill which would without a doubt contaminate their water. Honestly, Native Americans in general have long been disregarded and their trust betrayed many times over, the government should have took a firmer stance against the corporation. The Army Corp of Engineers had advised the company to stop but of course being advised to do something won’t stop someone from doing it. As social media made this conflict well known veterans made their way to help defend the Sioux Nations only water supply.


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It really wasn’t an easy victory, the DAPL guards stood against the protesters and sprayed them with freezing cold water at night, pelted them with rubber bullets,  pepper spray, and tear gas. The protesters were at risk of hypothermia and some were so unfortunate that the rubber bullets left remains behind in their wounds.

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It all led up to the government taking a real stance and refusing to let construction continue. Their victory gives me hope for success on a larger scale, we still have the power to create the change we want to see.