What grade are you in?

“I am currently in 12th grade.”

What clubs are you in?

“I participate in Keystone Club, and Pals.”

What’s your favorite subject in high school? Why?

“My favourite subject is Pre Calculus because it is interesting and it challenges me.”

Who is your favourite teacher in high school? Why?

“This is a tough question because all of the teachers are very helpful and kind. I have had many inspiring great teachers and I definitely can not pick one as my favourite.”

What are some of your strongest qualities?

“Some of my strongest qualities are honesty, and positivity.”

Who is your inspiration?

“My parents are my inspiration. They have been through so much in life and I constantly learn from them everyday. They guide me in life and I am very fortunate to have parents like them.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“I love to sing and dance but beware I am very bad at both.”

Any future goals? What are they?

“My future goals are to receive a college degree, get a job, live life and be happy.”

What’s a fun fact about you that you would want the school to know?

“I like pizza.”

Do you have a favourite quote or phrase you live by? What is it?

“Just be yourself.”  Cliché…I know but it’s true.”