Everyone loves a little treat once in awhile. But do you ever wonder if people are around the world are enjoying the same treats as you are? After surfing the web for awhile and making various purchases, its been discovered that there are many insane delicacies for your pallets. The world of food as lots to offer.

America has dozens of choices for chocolates. One delight is the KitKat. In our nation we have the option of the milk chocolate KitKat and the white chocolate.  Japan, on the other hand has dozens of flavors to offer. They have green tea, wasabi, strawberry and even cheesecake!

A well known chip brand in America is “Lays”. Lays has other branches around the world, but they go by different names. In the UK, “Lays” are known as Walkers. They offer more flavors such as  picked onion, marmite; a very salty flavor, and cheese and onion. In Egypt they are known as “Chibsy”, They offer flavors such as kebeab, French cheese and lim and pepper.

Not all of these items are available for purchase in the U.S, but, maybe one day life will take you on an adventure to taste these areas.