This year, the election has been a buzz among ages of all sorts, but who knew that even little kids have been a part of it. Katherine D. Kinzler, a mother is concerned with the environment around her child. Her two year old approached her innocently asked about the inappropriate video leaked on Donald Trump. The mother informs vaguely that the video was just Trump’s mean comments and how it hurt people around the nation. The child started weep because young brains are sensitive to such information.

Recently, kids have been targeted by the Trump Effect, which is basically the behavior of children have a bad influence because of the atmosphere they are in. Psychologist have developed the conclusion that, by kindergarten children begin to hold some characteristics that adults in society hold today. This includes both the good and, unfortunately, bad attributes as well. 

These little brains have been conditioned to like the wealthier because to them, they are better. An experiment wan conducted on gender bias techniques. Teachers began to differentiate between boys and girls and soon the children began to do as well. They then started thinking that only boys can do a specific action and vice versa. Modeling, plays the biggest part in these effects, because children at young ages follow the statement “Monkey see, Monkey do”.

The effect on everyday life is both good and bad but it depends on how we interpret it decides that. For example, children receive good values at a young age very easily, which they can carry with them throughout life. On the other hand, it is the same concept with the bad influence. Providentially, little kids, become conditioned by the environment around them in a snap.