Schools initiate soaring hope, eye catching diversity, and endless opportunities that knock upon every door each morning. These are some of the attributes schools delivers to individuals. To use them or not, soaks in an individual’s mindset and decisions.  In 2016, being successful and fulfilling one’s dream is still attainable because where there is a will there is a way. Working hard is the access to achieving whatever you want.. Excuses are useless because if one desires something in life, no obstacle can become a permanent barrier. For example; the heart throbbing, Leonardo Dicaprio started from a harsh bottom and worked his way up to riches and became an admirable man. A plethora of celebrities and other successful people of society worked their way to be where they are right now. Hard work is the show stopper on the runway of success. Many young achievers are taken back with obstacles, such social, economical and physical problems. To overcome them, starting from within is the major key. To make your weakness your strength. To achieve a goal, one must grind for it because in the end, the finish line does not run back but one has to run to it. The bottom line is, if you work hard now, it will pay off in the future.