Although it seems for our generation that the Internet is a basic need, this tool is only 45 years old and is still growing every day. We all post on Snapchat, or Instagram, and are always chatting on the Internet, but are you really safe with all your stuff up there? Now don’t get me wrong, I use the Internet and post stuff every day as well, but some people are not cautious enough with the information they give out. Some people find you on this platform with malicious intentions and you could possibly be in harm’s way. So how can you guarantee your safety while still enjoying everything the Internet has to offer? Although you aren’t perfectly safe, you can still take precautions to stay as safe as possible.

First, be careful with what you post, how revealing you are in a picture, and what you are doing in said picture. Jobs that are hiring you can possibly find your personal accounts and seeing you doing crazy things might prevent them from hiring you.

Also, be careful with where you post your name, address, phone number, and all the personal information you could possibly put out there for the world to see, because possibly someone you do know can find you quite easily.

Take these precautions and you can still easily enjoy the Internet and everything it has to offer. Enjoy posting and remember, you never know who is on the other side of the screen.