Warning: This list may cause nostalgia.

Have you ever watched a cartoon and wondered what their voice actor looks like? Well I sure have and I’ve created a short list of people you probably have heard but not seen. Let’s see how well you do out of ten.

1.Tom Kenny

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Not sure who he is yet? Let’s see, he plays an overenthusiastic character who flips patties for a living, he lives next to his best friend, he has a pet snail, and he lives underwater. Tom Kenny has played this character since the show began in 1999 and is still on today.

2. Bill Fagerbakke

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Hmm, maybe a hint to start you off? Ok, Fagerbakke plays a character who is always either sleeping or eating and might be quick to misinterpret things. He plays this character alongside our first voice actor on this list, Tom Kenny.
3. Bret Iwan

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Hey have you ever been to a clubhouse? Bret Iwan’s character sure has, he invites audiences there every episode. He and his friends are sure to use their problem solving ability to teach kids a different lesson each time. Here’s a hint, the show comes on Disney.

4. Tara Strong

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Believe me when I say Tara Strong has been everywhere, you must have heard her on one of her various roles. She currently plays a character who is able to wish for almost anything through his two friends as long as it follows “Da Rules”. And this character even has a rap song named after them.

5. Fatima Ptacek

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How about this character. Fatima Ptacek played the role of a young girl who we all learned a few things from. This girl travels far and wide with her trusty map and sidekick. She is the older sister of twin siblings and is bilingual. I still remember a few words and phrases today thanks to this show.
6. Susan Bennett
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Technically she doesn’t play a character and according to some sources she didn’t even audition for her role, even today she isn’t confirmed to be the voice actress by the company that used her voice but several audio professionals believe it is her. She had spoken lines years before they had been used and she wasn’t contacted when they finally were. Her voice is heard from a specific brand that has changed technology as we know it. This is a hard one I know. She is the voice behind the US version.
7. James Earl Jones
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Ever heard of a movie series revived by Disney? He voiced the villain in the time before its latest movie was picked up by Disney. His lines are unforgettable, completely recognizable, and utterly iconic. Yes I’m purposely becoming vaguer.
8. Jeff Bergman
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Have an appetite for sarcasm in heavy doses? Well this character will not disappoint. He outsmarts anyone who tries to harm him and is able to create a situation so ridiculous that you can’t stop laughing.

9. Dallas Jokic

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Hey reader remember a show about kids in elementary school? The main character wears glasses, has two sisters, and a puppy. The show is easy to connect with and has a catchy theme song. It is a wonderful kind of day isn’t it? And yes the theme song is stuck in my head now too. Jokic doesn’t play the character currently but he did for a few seasons.

10. Lane Toran

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This picture of Lane Toran isn’t giving any hints at all but I still can. For all of us who grew up watching Nickelodeon as kids, you have to remember a show about a group of kids who help each other out. I remember this show was quirky by how one of the main characters tried to disguise her crush by being rude to him. Toran played the main character for the duration of the show.
Scroll all the way down for the answers.
  1. Spongebob Squarepants
  2. Patrick Star
  3. Mickey Mouse
  4. Timmy Turner
  5. Dora
  6. Siri
  7. Darth Vader
  8. Bugs Bunny
  9. Arthur
  10. Arnold (Hey Arnold)