Being as they’ve been in the building for the longest, it’s safe to say that the upperclassmen of CHS are qualified to offer some wise words to their younger peers.

“Scam the system before the system scams you.” – Alexis Colon, 12

Don’t consider conceding to society.” – Bishoy Hana, 12

“Don’t procrastinate.” – Jessaline Morales, 11

Life is going to hit you once you’re an upperclassman, that’s when all the serious things start to happen, regarding school and your future. Don’t get stressed, and handle everything one thing at a time. Consistency and time management are key. It may seem like a lot, but you’ll be fine.” – Manwinder Kaur, 12

Just focus on yourself. Let everyone else do what they want to do, and stick with whatever makes you happy.” – Carisma Mercado, 12

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, be sarcastic.” Navdeep Kaur, 11

If tomorrow’s not the ‘due’ date, today’s not the ‘do’ date. ” – Thomas Nigro, 12

“Don’t stress out, everything will work out eventually.” – Jasmean Kaur, 12


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