With work flooding  folders and grades being constantly posted, the stress level of a young adult may increase rapidly. Balancing social life and school can also be a tedious task and the feeling of being overwhelmed seems to be inevitable. If one is a full time procrastinator the stress is doubled and the work piles are taller than Mount Everest. According to http://www.stress.org/stress-effects, stress takes an extreme toll on the human body. Whether one is a busy young adult or a person just trying to relieve stress this is article is for you.

Relieving stress is important and most individuals want to relieve stress without paying a fortune. The best way to relieve stress without clearing out your savings is create an at home spa night. One will be in the comfort of their own home, and not have to worry about being surrounded by strangers. First and foremost, make sure all priorities are taken care of. Complete any chores, that will ensure that you have a surplus of time to relax. It would be pointless to complete a spa night, then have to finish work and take care of other things. When everything is complete, the mind will truly be relaxed.

Secondly, gather all the key components that will tend to the desired need. One can start off by gathering their favorite bath soap and a favorite candle. The candle will provide a scent, so ensure the candle is the desired smell. The spa night officially begins when one washes the day off. One can either soak in a bath or take a warm shower . If you are a female or male athlete you can add some Epsom salt to the bath. Epsom salt helps relieve muscle and joint pain, even if one is not an athlete it is still very helpful. The individual should take the desired time to soak away the day or shower. To make the bath time more fun the individual should play their favorite song or let a desired play list play. Skin care is needed to remove  all the toxins from the face. Use a favorite face wash or purchase a  face mask  from the store. While washing the face, take the advantage of giving a facial massage. Rub gently and thoroughly to have the fresh face feeling. An individual can also use a body scrub to remove any dead skin. After the bath is complete moisturize the face and body with a favorite lotion.

Next,  one should have an admired food or snack to eat. Take time to prepare the food or simply order out. Some great snacks are cookies, ice cream, or candy. However if one prefers healthy food fruits such as apples, watermelon, mango, and grapes are great choices. Last but not least simply relax.   Whatever makes the individual feel relaxed, should be done. Make sure the component that brings relaxation is a positive and healthy way. A suggestion could be getting into bed and watching a favorite television show. One can also read ,continue listening to music, or even hit the hay.

Whatever is decided make sure the day is stress-free and brings peace to the mind. Use the spa night to refresh  and have a clear mind to tackle the up coming week or day. Enjoy, but most importantly relax!