The tragedy of today’s society is that not many teens are staying as healthy or as fit as they should be. Either many don’t know how to stay healthy or that they don’t have the time to do any exercise. One recommended site and article to be viewed to read over how teens can stay well is from The article “How Teens Can Stay Fit” summed up tips for teens to be healthy.

     For example, there are categories such as staying positive and having fun, take it one step at a time, getting the heart pumping, and not forgetting to warm up. The significance of these headings is to explain that fitness is more than exercise and that teens can do this on their own time. 

      It is essential for a teen to stay fit by doing something they enjoy doing. This can be, but not limited to a sport they like to play, such as football. It keeps a child active. The article also explains that a healthy lifestyle can come gradually and it doesn’t have to be at the same time. Working up to a specific point can help such as just walking to school everyday. Increasing heart rates and breathing harder can help fitness levels and body fat can get burned off by doing many activities. Stretching is also important because it helps from keeping a teen’s muscles from getting sore and helps to avoid injuries. 

      From these tips and keeping a healthy lifestyle such as avoiding drugs, eating a balanced diet, cutting time on using technology and instead going outside, and getting enough sleep from 9-10 hours, a teen will have an improved physical fitness. This article from can give specific step-by-step processes on not just healthy teen life style, but other daily issues, so it is recommended to look  into the website.