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The phrase “you are what you eat” goes a long way. Many teens now a days are not making healthy choices in their eating habits. There are many foods available, though, that are tasty and beneficial to a growing teen’s diet. One article from goes into complete detail of healthy eating choices that can be made.

 There are a variety of foods from different fruits, vegetables, protein, and dairy products that are well-known and can have their benefits. There are choices of fat-free or low-fat milk and Greek yogurt to start off. There are needs for calcium, which help produce strong bones. Greek yogurt also has more protein that regular yogurt. 

    The article also goes into explaining other healthy choices such as different beans including kidney beans, chickpeas, or black beans, which help avoid obesity and heart disease. Mango and avocados are also good foods to eat. Mangoes contain Vitamin C, which is immune-boosting. Avocados are known to give glowing skin! It is also a suggestion to eat bread and pasta, specifically whole-wheat. If you are an athlete, it is good to get carbs from healthy foods, which is exactly why pastas and breads should be consumed. 

     There are many alternatives to living a healthy lifestyle, but the way teens eat is definitely a way to gain good and manageable wellness at an early age. The article “10 Foods Every Teen Should Eat” from goes into depth of the importance of these foods and more. There are a variety of foods out there explained in the article and others for a teen to stay fit. It is all up to the teen if they want to go through with the healthy change or not, as there are many foods to be tried and discovered. Something that may look strange may be healthy and tasty, it is all about giving healthy food a chance.