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Hey, everyone! It’s Balveen here to tell you the latest news occurring in the world. Today I will tell you about an advancement in technology.

Recently on October 20th, a self-driving truck, created by Uber, delivered 51,744 cans of Budweiser beer. Crazy, I know, but it was able to drive 120-miles across Colorado. This self-driving vehicle drove from Denver to Colorado Springs. Due to safety regulations, there was someone who was in the car at all times, but they never had to get involved. Along with a driver in the truck, there were 4 of the state’s patrol cars along with 3 auto-mobiles from Otto near the vehicle at all times. Even Shailen Bhatt, Colorado’s Department of Transportation’s executive director, was in a car during this transportation. Thankfully, this operation was completely successful.

The company hopes the vehicle will keep the Levandowski, the company’s co-founder, states “Otto’s technology is all about making the road safer.” Without actual people driving this vehicle, there will be less accidents by human error. The vehicles will be able to predict traffic changes and stop without slamming on the breaks. Experts believe the truck will be more accurate on the road. However, experts believe it will cause unemployment for those truck drivers. The company counters this statement by saying people would still be able to drive but take brakes without wasting the delivery time. Either way, this technology will continue to be developed.