Ahh, Christmas…. Just the thought of it makes me feel all warm and cozy.  From the hot chocolate  you slurp on a cold winter day or the presents you unwrap just to say “yay!”.  Christmas is a holiday almost everyone enjoys… almost everyone.  There is always that one person in your life who hates that one holiday that everyone else likes.  It doesn’t have to be that that particular person does not celebrate it but, the person who makes a big deal out of it and always carries around that rancor everywhere with him.  Here are some possible traits to a Christmas grouch:

1. They wear a special shirt or attire to represent their hatred

2. They carry around a negative and dreadful anti-X Mas aura.

3. They seem bummed out every year around Christmas time

4. They give out malicious presents just to make the recipients feel bad about Christmas.

5. And most importantly they go around  chopping trees, stealing presents and yelling “Ho Ho Ho” like a psychopath trying to rid people of their optimistic Christmas spirit. *cough cough* By the way if you do this you need to go see a doctor, nothing personal.

Now that you know what describes a Christmas grouch, try to prevent yourself from becoming one and remember to have the tolerance to respect other people’s religion.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!