While President Elect Donald J Trump may think he has the country on his side, many citizens, specifically college students, are protesting against him. Students are taking out their  frustrations out my rallying.

Students at the University of Connecticut have took over the campus streets for a massive protest against Trump.Some some students are angry and upset with the results of the presidency, the sound of the rally was one of hope. “We make joy out of the worst situations,” said the young woman leading the rally. “We win in the worst situations. This is just a road block that we will overcome.”

At the University of California, Berkeley, a great amount of students gathered in the campus’s Sproul Plaza to protest Trump’s immigration policies. “Stop deportation; no borders, no nation,” they chanted, while holding signs saying things like “Muslims Against Trump,” “Not My President,” “Love Trumps Hate,” and “Here to Stay.”

New Jersey’s own Saint Peter’s University Started a rally. Joining other colleges. Saint Peter’s students say that they are using their essential right to make their distaste of the results known and heard.

“Students here on campus are not only in solidarity with each other and the diverse population on our own campus, we would not want to see anyone be deported against their will.”