October 27th was a day that had truly taught students in Carteret High School morals that would be helpful for their high school years. The Prevention Players, a club at CHS that puts on skits to teach different lessons to help kids and parents learn to make right choices, had put on a fantastic performance about the effects of vaping, dealing with dating issues, and identifying the difference between bullying and a H.I.B.

   The club is student run and has Ms. Pitts as the adviser. All the club members came together to put on a show that students, teachers, and staff watched during school hours while parents were able to watch it during the night. With everyone’s efforts put together, people who watched the show were able to learn about everyday issues with teenagers that are often overlooked. There were also two guest speakers that were able to give information on the harmful effects of vaping and using prescription drugs.

      The adviser of the club Ms. Pitts even had stated in an interview about the performance, “We had a lot of freshmen in major roles and they did an excellent job in delivering the message while entertaining on H.I.B., relationships, and drug prevention. The script was one of the most well-done.”

      One anonymous students even commented, “This is the best play you guys ever did.” Another student also stated, “A lot of things talked about in the script were very relate able.” 

      A member of Prevention Players in her Junior year, Annabelle, even said, “A lot of younger kids in Prevention Players are motivated and it makes me motivated to perform. This performance was a highlight of my Junior year.”

      The Prevention Players had a successful performance and hopefully they do amazing in the performances to come. Prevention Players meet after school on different days, depending on when something will be discussed. Just like the other Boys and Girls clubs, the members can be found in the lunchroom as well as in Room 26, across from Pathways in the high school. If someone is dealing with any of these issues that were explained, Ms. Pitts will be available in her office, Room 26, to help out and discuss any issues.