Steven Lopez

October 22, 2016 'Creepy' clown sightings have been reported across the United States CREDIT:FACEBOOK/JAMIE HILL

New Jersey – Late summer of 2016, residents from South Carolina were among the first to experience the clown sightings. After that, clowns just started to spread around the United States like a diseases. These reports stated that some clowns were seen to have been armed and some found scaring the residents. The states that have been attacked by this epidemic have taken the measurements for the people’s safety. Local police and schools have issued warnings to be aware of suspicious clowns. Several people have been arrested due to their clown terrorizing ways.  So far there haven’t been any claims that clowns have been spotted in Carteret. No one knows who really is behind this. But, most believe that it is all part of a big prank. According to Google Trends, the interest in clowns usually spike around this time of year. That spike in clown certainly terrorized people. But, the situation has calmed down a little bit. You could probably relax.