Ever since dedicated students have entered Carteret High School, and joined our CHS marching band, the music/arts department has grown immensely. Kai West, now a senior, has worked her way from a rookie to a drum major, and I decided to explore her journey in more detail. Within an interview I asked questions that explores her mind, and her answers are quite interesting and truly show what kind of person she is.

My first question to her was “What is your favorite part of marching band?”. A simple question, I know, but her answer showed so much passion by her stating “Mostly seeing all of the different bands just performing and loving their shows just as much as we do.” Her answer made me smile because it just shows how dedicated she is and how someone’s love towards what they do can change their entire outlook on things.

My next question included “What was your journey to becoming a drum major?”, which is what I was most curious about. She answered with pride “I had to prove to the directors and all of the members that I was meant to be a leader. I had to work super hard as a captain and a member for three years, had my audition, and then was drum major for the next two years.” Her experience just shows how having patience with a situation and doing it right can get you in a nice place you want to be in, and it creates pride within ones self.

Another question all of us band nerds will love to ask includes “Is conducting and keeping time hard?” She smiled and answered “Yes! Especially when you’re the one that sixty plus people are looking to for the correct tempo. If you even mess up once, everything will come crashing down.” I really don’t know if I could do her job, because I am such a klutz, so i applaud Kai immensely even if some mistakes are made.

Now a topic everyone will be interested in, which is “How is the season going so far?”. She hesitated at first, trying to collect her thoughts, and then stated with a smile “Pretty good, we have won numerous trophies, gotten a lot of recognition from other people, and overall just having a good time.” It is absolutely inspirational seeing someone have a good time with something they enjoy doing, so know the season is going pretty well must make all band members proud.

After Kai and I talked some more about the seasons, I prompted her with the question that I was always curious about, “Who comes up with the themes of the show?” She laughed and stated with enthusiasm “Our… VERY interesting Band Director, Dr. Jack Bradley and Visual Coordinator, Ms Stephanie Dutcher.”

The show this year is pirates and I have to admit it is a very unique show that is worth seeing. I decided to wrap up the interview, but before I did I asked Kai to give The Blue Herald an inspiring quote students can be influenced by. She thought about it for awhile but then came up with one I adore, “The work you put in now, will make the end result a whole lot sweeter.” Thank you Kai for your time and I hope our readers will enjoy an insight into the life of a drum major at CHS.