Second Presidential Debate

    Did you miss the second presidential debate? Don’t worry when the Blue Herald is here, we are here to serve you some politics. Politics are boring to the average teen but this year the election is a talk among ages of all sorts. Recently, the presidential candidates bumped heads during the second Presidential Debate. Election day is coming closer and closer, and presidential debates divulge information about both candidates that help the people of America decide their next president. This debate focused on: each candidate’s view on their campaign, the leaked and inappropriate video of trump, owed apologies , Hillary’s emails, the Affordable Care Act, Syrian refugees and the Supreme Court. Throughout this forum, both sides portrayed their opinions, each held a divergent view.

    To begin with, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, voiced that America is great because America is good. She believed that the country is stronger together and that exactly what her campaign is about, working together. After that, the issue about the infamous video was brought forward and Hillary believed that Donald Trump is not “fit” to be the president and the commander-in-chief. She stated that the video, represented exactly who Trump is as an individual. Hillary pointed out the flaws in Trump and one of them being his debt in apologies, she accused him of being unapologetic to a plethora of people he has insulted. Hillary is then the next target of the debate, rumors had she deleted thousands of emails. Hillary advocated that those emails did not regard classified information. The discussions moves to the Affordable Care Act, also known as the great Obamacare. Hillary delivers her idea on the Obamacare, her control on the situation is the keep the good parts of it and throw out the rest. Syrian refugees is the next topic, and Hillary desires to increase the occupation of refugees in America because it is their duty to save people.Hillary had an immense roller coaster ride but still managed to keep her cool.

     Fingers were pointed at Trump because of his leaked video, in which he was clearly seen making absurd comments about women. He disregarded those comments as “Locker room talk” and claimed of being respectful to women. To look a suitable candidate for presidency in the eyes of people, he tried to put Hillary down by bringing up the email scandal and regarding her of being careless with classified information. He expressed his desire to nullify the affordable care act. Also, Trump portrayed Syrian refugees of being a great danger to the United States. Trump was put in the heat but do you think he kept his cool?