It’s your favorite interviewer Bishoy Hana bringing you your fellow students who you might want to meet!

For our fellow Senior meet Zoe Florius. She is a proud participant of Pathways and her favorite subjects are English as well as Biology. Her favorite teachers are Mrs. Sampedro and Miss Vigilante. Somethings about Zoey is that she is nice, smart, and she is practical just like her inspiration her mother. Her hobbies are reading and attempting new things and fun fact is that she doesn’t know how to ride a bike but she knows how to drive a car. A quote she lives by is “Don’t over-analyze”. If you see Zoey ask her what’s up 😛

For our Junior meet Carlos Veira. He is open to any clubs as he is not in any. His favorite subject is Math  taught by his favorite teacher Dr. Masse. Some strong qualities about him is that he is athletic and intelligent like his inspiration, the all star soccer player Ronaldo. Just like Ronaldo, his hobbies mainly include soccer.  I asked Carlos for a fun fact and he said that he is captain of the boys varsity team. A quote that Carlos likes is by Mr. Cortina, “Someone is always chopping at your feet”. Give Carlos a shout 🙂

For your fellow Sophomore meet Daniela Galan. She is open to clubs as well and her favorite class is Algebra taught by  her favorite teacher Ms. Dooley. Her strongest qualities is that she is honest, shy, and smart. Her inspiration is her mother and she has the amazing skill of being able to walk on her feet. A quote she adores is “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. If you see Dany tell her is what’s up 😀

And we can’t forget one of our favorite freshman Jhoel Rodriguez. He is a member of the drama club. His favorite subject is English spoken by his favorite teacher Dr. Bradley. Some qualities about Jhoel is that he is funny, loyal, chivalrous, outgoing, open-minded. His inspiration Maynard Ferguson and his hobbies include gaming and playing music. Fun fact: he plays the tuba. When I asked Jhoel for a quote he said “Just put something down”. If you spot Jhoel just give him a high five :D. 

Alright that is it for this week’s Student Spotlight. If you want to be part of next week’s issue just hit me up :D. Until next time I will catch y’all l8er.