Attention all CHS Ramblers,

Tis the season for the constant game of fever-tag…TAG, YOU’RE SICK!

Have you gotten sick at some point over the past month? (Do you secretly blame that one kid in class that coughed once in your direction? I do, too). If so, this is the article to read!

Although proper healthcare should be obvious and always practiced, it’s seasons like this one where you want to go above and beyond in your regular health routines in order to stay extra healthy amid the sea of germs floating around you. Here are a few helpful tips that help you stay “safe” in this never ending game of fever-tag.

  1. Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the easiest and probably one of the most natural ways to fight off any sickness or strengthen your immune system to block any risk of getting sick. Where that Vitamin C at though? You can up your Vitamin C intake by eating more fruits (citrus fruits and berries), more darker vegetables (kale, broccoli, bell peppers, cabbage, etc), and even packets of Vitamin C that you can mix in with water.
  2. Water. Drink water all day, erry day. But really, drink double the amount of water that you usually have. Yes, it will feel forced to drink a significantly larger amount of water than normal, but it’s worth it. How exactly? According to Livestrong, fevers are absorbing the water you drink, causing you to feel dehydrated and continue your fever spree. Plus, dehydration can lead to nausea and vomiting…and who wants to endure that chaos?
  3. Rest. This is probably the easiest (and most exciting) tip for fighting off a cold or fever. Staying home and resting helps your body fight of the infection quickly and effectively, rather than you pretending to be healthy enough to go to school, sports, band, or hang outs. Plus, if you don’t rest, you’re putting everyone around you at risk of getting the same, nasty fever you have! NOT cool. Pop in your favorite movie or TV show and sleep the day away. It helps!

There are so many more awesome tips to help you avoid fever-tag, but these three suggestions are a good start to you recovering or staying sick-free. Whatever you’re feeling this season, whether you are sick or everyone around you seems to be, be proactive with your health so you can enjoy all of the fun fall festivities in the upcoming months.