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We’ve all heard it a million times, we should be sleeping for eight hours around the same time each night but it is actually more important than you might expect. It’s already October and between sports, clubs, and confusing homework it’s not uncommon to get less sleep than we should. According to the Nationwide Children’s website, on average, teens only get about seven hours of sleep when we should be getting nine. Of course many people can guess why we need this many hours, it can lower performance in school, weaken your immune system, and lessen your memory. Besides these temporary side effects, a lack of sleep can also cause some surprising and harmful problems. If someone doesn’t get enough sleep to function properly over a span of time, then they are at risk of heart problems, high blood pressure, and trouble losing weight. It’s not that anyone wants to lose sleep and end up a zombie the next day but we have so much that wants our attention. Social media is keeping us up at night and we have to realize that and put a stop to it.

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Doctors and researchers advise us not to use our phones while in bed and trying to sleep. Think of it like this, your brain is a machine that was working all day and was in the process of slowing down so it doesn’t overheat, when you look at such a bright screen in the dark and are processing it, you jolt it on again. That really doesn’t sound like a good idea then why do we still do it? Simply it is all because of FOMO. Researchers call this need to check on social media FOMO, fear of missing out. We have always been social and now we just have more platforms on which we want to be involved with others except it’s at the cost of our sleep. Using your phone before going to sleep makes it harder and take longer than usual, experts also recommend keeping a schedule. Our brains like to know what time they will be resting and going to sleep. So going to sleep and waking up at the same time will help make the process easier. Do your body a favor and leave your phone off at night, a good nights sleep is worth it.